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OSHA Violations & Spinal Cord Injuries on Work Sites

By Friedland & Associates |

When most people think of spinal cord injuries, they think of football and other athletic injuries, however, many people do not realize that many spinal cord injuries occur each year on work sites. Just reading about a recent $14.3 million judgment for a worker who fell from a two-story platform highlights the dangers of… Read More »


Consumer Product Safety Commission Issues Warning On Flammable Pajamas

By Friedland & Associates |

On December 8th, the United States Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) announced that it was recalling “One Stop Shop” children’s pajama products due to a violation of the federal flammability standard. As reported, failure to meet this standard poses a serious burn risk to children. The pajamas were sold in three different styles: elf… Read More »


Cosmetic Surgeon Ordered To Stop Practicing Medicine

By Friedland & Associates |

Every day, many doctors make mistakes that arguably constitute medical malpractice. However, if and when a state Board of Medicine takes action, you know that a doctor’s mistake is a serious one. This was the case with a recent obstetrician and gynecologist who was ordered to stop practicing medicine due to concerns about the… Read More »


New Studies Shed Light on NFL Brain Damage Crisis

By Friedland & Associates |

We’ve written about football and traumatic brain injuries before, but as time passes, scientists are obtaining more and more concrete evidence that football is linked to the development of a serious degenerative brain disease, and one that deserves our attention; as well as potentially legal action. Even the National Football League (NFL)—which for years… Read More »


Tragic Powerboat Accident in Florida Keys Raises Concerns

By Friedland & Associates |

A power boat accident that occurred here in Florida on November 9th has officials baffled: Although powerboating can inherently be an exceptionally-dangerous sport because the boats can travel in excess of 100 miles per hour, in this case, the boaters weren’t traveling fast when the boat capsized for no known reason, leading to the… Read More »


$3 Million Verdict Issued To Family Due To Serious Birth Injuries

By Friedland & Associates |

In September 2017, a jury awarded one family $3 million against an obstetrician who forcefully pulled a baby out by his head during delivery, causing serious birth injuries (permanent nerve damage to the baby’s shoulder). In forcefully pulling the baby out when his shoulder was trapped behind his mother’s pelvis, the doctor ended up… Read More »


Groundbreaking USA Today Investigation Finds VA Found Dangerously Concealing Mistakes

By Friedland & Associates |

USA Today recently released a groundbreaking report on medical staffer mistakes that have caused harm and led to numerous cover-ups. One of these unfortunate real-life stories involved Dr. Thomas Franchini, who left a path of victims behind him; from operating on patients who did not need surgery at all, to making such severe medical… Read More »


Where a Lack of a Generator Kills 14 In One Nursing Home

By Friedland & Associates |

The tragedy that unfolded at one Florida nursing home has led to an entire cultural shift in how we ensure that our elderly loved ones and free from nursing home abuse and neglect. Specifically, during Hurricane Irma, the Rehabilitation Center at Hollywood Hills lost power, and 14 patients died. As a result, communities like… Read More »


Tobacco Company Takes $13.5 Million Product Liability Appeal to Florida Supreme Court

By Friedland & Associates |

On October 4th, cigarette company R.J. Reynolds asked the Florida Supreme Court to review an order by a Miami jury ordering the company to award a family close to $13.5 million in connection with the death of Carole Larkin, who died from mouth cancer after smoking the company’s product for more than 30 years…. Read More »


Negligent Security at Playoff Game Leads to Traumatic Brain Injury

By Friedland & Associates |

Do sports teams have a duty to ensure that those who attend their games are safe while on the premises? That is the subject of a lawsuit that was recently filed against the Los Angeles Dodgers LLC and two individuals who were accused of beating and causing an individual who attended the playoff game… Read More »

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