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Another Victim Dies in Florida During Brazilian Butt Lift Cosmetic Procedure


Sadly, deaths over botched Brazilian butt lift procedures in Florida are becoming a regular part of the news, and May 2018 is no exception: On May 24th, the Florida Department of Health filed a complaint against yet another doctor who performed the procedure at Encore Plastic Surgery in South Florida and, as a result, reportedly caused a patient to die. The clinic was reportedly chosen by the patient due to the “affordable price,” as advertised online.

Huge Oversights by Surgeon

Not only did the Florida Department of Health find that this doctor failed to perform any kind of physical exam on the patient prior to conducting the surgery, but the patient had also just given birth two months prior, where Department of Health indicates that patients are supposed to wait at least three months after giving birth before undergoing any cosmetic procedure like this.

According to the medical examiner’s report, like others who have died while undergoing this surgery, the patient died of a fat embolism after the doctor failed to slowly and carefully inject fat into her body, ultimately hitting a deep vein in her backside. This caused a piece of fat to enter her vein and travel to her lungs, ultimately causing her to stop breathing.

Is This Procedure Safe for Anyone to Perform?

According to NBC 6 Investigators, this procedure has killed at least eight mothers in South Florida alone in the past five years; all involving different doctors and procedures performed at different clinics. Another Florida doctor had his license revoked after patients died and others had their internal organs punctured during the procedure. What does this say about the procedure itself, and whether any plastic surgeons should be performing it?

Disciplinary Actions & Litigation

While Encore Plastic Surgery has since shut down, the first doctor mentioned above is still practicing in the state of Florida. A hearing will be held to determine whether he was at fault and what disciplinary action should be brought against him.

Meanwhile, the family of the patient killed recently settled a civil lawsuit against the doctor, and is now suing Encore, where the procedure was performed.

Sadly, this procedure doesn’t just lead to death: One woman brought a claim after she was allegedly left permanently paralyzed as a result of this same procedure. When she awakened after surgery, she reportedly could not feel her legs or feet, and the staff where she had the procedure done allegedly placed her in a post-operative hotel room instead of taking her to an actual hospital for treatment.

Florida Cosmetic Procedure Negligence Lawyers

If you or a loved one has been injured or killed by mistakes made during cosmetic surgery, contact our personal injury attorneys at Friedland & Associates today to find out how we can help. We serve Fort Lauderdale and surrounding areas.



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