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Car Accident Insurance Claim Fort Lauderdale

Car Accident Insurance Claims in Fort Lauderdale

A car accident can happen in the blink of an eye. But the effects of the accident last much longer. You could have thousands of dollars in car repairs and medical bills. Furthermore, your injuries could leave you unable to work for months or longer. With a car accident insurance claim in Fort Lauderdale, you can recover some or all of your accident-related expenses. Learn more about the process and find out what you need to do to receive compensation for your accident. Here at Friedland and Associates, we can handle your insurance claim and answer all of your questions.

Florida Car Accident Insurance Laws

Between January and August of 2018, almost 10% of all accidents in Florida occurred in Broward County. The busy roads and high tourism of Fort Lauderdale make it a commonplace for collisions. If you drive in the area, you could find yourself as a victim of an auto crash. It’s important to understand how car accident laws can affect you.

First, you should know that most accidents require police involvement. According to state law, you need to notify the police if your accident involves one of the following:

  • Death
  • Injury
  • Property damage over $500

When the police arrive, they will create a report of the accident. This makes it easier for the insurance company to process your claim. Instead of relying on the statements of the involved drivers, the insurer can hear an account of the incident from the authorities.

If your accident does not require immediate police involvement, you have ten days to file a report of the collision.

Minimum Insurance Requirements

Each state has unique laws regarding minimum insurance requirements. In Florida, you need to have a minimum of $10,000 in personal injury protection. You also need at least $10,000 of property damage liability insurance.

There are some drivers who don’t meet these requirements. If you are involved in an accident with an uninsured or underinsured driver, you should speak with an attorney. They can explain more about your options for compensation.

No-Fault Laws

In Florida, car insurance relies on no-fault laws. No matter who is to blame for the accident, your insurance carrier can cover the expenses of your accident. But this doesn’t mean you must go through your own insurance. When the other driver was responsible for your accident and there is significant damage or injury, you may be able to go through their insurance.

Deadline for Filing

You should contact your insurance company as soon as your accident occurs. However, some people wait. This puts your claim at risk. Each insurance company has a deadline on making a claim. If you wait too long to file, they could dismiss your claim.

What Happens During a Car Accident Insurance Claim in Fort Lauderdale

After your accident, you’ll either file your claim with your own insurance company or the other party’s insurance company. Eventually, they will offer you a settlement. Once you accept the settlement amount, you give up your rights to take legal action regarding the accident. For instance, you cannot file a personal injury claim against the driver.

The amount of money you receive from the insurance company depends on your situation. An insurance adjuster will consider all of the facts of your case. Specifically, they will look at the witness statements, police report, and photos of the scene.

The insurance company is not allowed to be unfair or deceptive. Therefore, they must pay for your claim if it is valid. That said, it’s not in their best interest to pay out on all of the claims they receive. Instead of looking out for your best interest, they tend to be more concerned about their own business. You may not receive a fair settlement.

If you don’t believe your settlement is fair, you should speak with an attorney. Signing the settlement could mean you receive less than you deserve.

The Average Claim Settlement

It’s impossible to say exactly how much your claim is worth. Every collision has a different outcome. Typically, the value of your settlement depends on the following factors:

  • Gravity of your injuries
  • Cost of your medical expenses (including present and future bills)
  • Amount of missed wages
  • Liability for the accident

In Florida, comparative negligence plays a part in the amount of money you receive. If you share some of the blame, you can only receive a percentage of the damage. Someone who is 20% at fault for the accident can only receive 80% of the total damages.

Do You Need a Car Accident Lawyer in Fort Lauderdale?

Often, people try to handle the insurance process alone. But this could cause trouble. You might settle for an unfair agreement and be left without money to which you are entitled. By working with a car accident lawyer in Fort Lauderdale, you can prevent that from happening.

Here at Friedland and Associates, we have your best interests in mind. We’ll take you through the claims process and fight for a fair outcome.

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