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Fort Lauderdale Side Impact Collision Accident Attorney

A side impact collision in Fort Lauderdale can profoundly change your life. During an accident, you could suffer from severe injuries or lose a family member.

If someone else was responsible for your accident, you might need a car accident attorney in Fort Lauderdale. A lawsuit can allow you to recover all of the expenses that come with car accidents. Here at Friedland and Associates, we can stand up for you. With our help, you can recover damages from your accident.

What are Side Impact Collisions?

Some people refer to a side impact collision as a T-bone accident. However, side impact collisions also refer to sideswipes, broadsides, and other impacts. If one vehicle hits the side of another, it is a side impact.

When a side impact accident occurs, the damage can be extreme. Some of the common injuries associated with the accident are the following:

  • Head injuries
  • Broken bones
  • Neck trauma
  • Back trauma
  • Partial or full paralysis
  • Internal injuries

Because all of the above injuries are quite serious, they can have a profound impact on your life. You could be unable to work for months and be in need of expensive medical procedures. However, a car accident attorney in Fort Lauderdale can help you collect on those damages. You can receive compensation for your injuries, vehicle damage, and more.

Examples of a Side Impact Collision in Fort Lauderdale

Side impact accidents occur for many reasons and they can occur anywhere. Whether you are in a parking lot or on a busy road, a side impact accident can occur. The defining factor is that someone must crash into the side of another vehicle.

Most commonly, this collision occurs at intersections. When one vehicle is at a 90 degree angle to another, a side impact can occur. One vehicle might make blow through a red light, only to hit someone turning in an intersection. In this situation, one vehicle would take the impact on the side.

Another example of a side impact is a sideswipe. If you’re driving on a road and someone in the lane next to you bumps into your vehicle, the result is a side impact collision. Although it’s the same type of accident, sideswipes are often less devastating than other types of side impacts. The injuries are usually minimal, as is the vehicle damage.

Side impacts occur for all of the following reasons:

  • An individual drives recklessly or aggressively
  • Texting and driving occurs
  • A driver fails to yield
  • One driver has limited visibility
  • A vehicle has a defect or it malfunctions

In 2017, Broward County had 3,104 DUI original violations. Those drivers put others at risk and their negligence could leave you with more bills than you can handle. The same is true of distracted driving and reckless driving.

Whether you were a victim of a DUI or another incident of negligence, you could receive compensation. Our law firm can represent you in court.

Making Your Life Easier

Life after a side impact collision in Fort Lauderdale is not easy. Between the stress of the accident and the cost of accident-related expenses, you could face hardship. Losing a family member makes it all the more difficult.

Fortunately, you don’t need to face that hardship alone. After your accident, reach out to a car accident attorney in Fort Lauderdale from our firm. One of our lawyers can discuss your options with you.

Going up against insurance companies can be a challenge, but we’re up for it. Here at Friedland and Associates, our team has in depth knowledge of car accident law in Florida and Fort Lauderdale. We can use that knowledge to get you a favorable outcome.

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