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Fort Lauderdale Speeding Drivers

When a driver exceeds the speed limit, they put others in danger. Unfortunately, there are many speeding drivers in Fort Lauderdale. They put you and your passengers at risk. If a fast driver causes an accident in which you are involved, you could seek compensation.

A car accident attorney in Fort Lauderdale from Friedland and Associates can help you recover damages for your accident. We can work towards holding the other party responsible.

Are There Many Speeding Drivers in Fort Lauderdale?

In 2017, Broward County police officers wrote 45% less traffic tickets than they did in 2012. Although this makes it seem as if there are fewer speeding drivers in Fort Lauderdale than in the past, that’s not the case. There were 33,821 more crashes in 2017 in the tri-county area than in 2012.

Police officers are issuing fewer tickets for speeding, but speeding is still a big issue. On most of the major roadways, there are vehicles that fly by in the left lane. Sometimes, their reckless driving causes accidents.

Speeding drivers can’t react quickly enough to brake lights and other vehicles. If there’s a stop up ahead, a speeding driver can’t brake quickly enough to stop in time. The result can be a multi-vehicle accident with many injuries.

For years, our lawyers have worked for victims of car accidents. We understand that speeding can cause serious accidents with devastating injuries. Because we have a complete understanding of car accident law in Florida and Fort Lauderdale, we can lead you in a civil lawsuit against the other driver.

Why is Speeding so Dangerous?

Every year, there are thousands of deadly accidents across the US. For about one-third of those accidents, speeding is the culprit. Issues like traffic, bad weather, and poor road conditions make speeding particularly dangerous. Speeding drivers in Fort Lauderdale can lose control and crash into any nearby vehicles.

The Broward County area is full of obstacles. The rainy season makes driving challenging, regardless of whether or not you are speeding. With obstacles like potholes and construction, fast driving poses an even great risk.

Even when speeding does not cause a fatality, it can cause serious injuries. You could have expensive medical bills, costly therapy, and missed work wages. With so many expenses, you could be left in debt.

Fortunately, you don’t need to cope on your own. A speeding driver is the one responsible for your accident. By working with our team, you could hold the other driver liable for your damages.

Helping You in a Time of Need

After a run-in with a speeding driver, you could experience stress and anxiety. Most victims don’t even realize that they can seek justice. With the help of a car accident attorney in Fort Lauderdale, you could file a lawsuit against the other driver. Our team is ready to make a difference.

Many individuals are content to let the insurance company handle their accident. However, this could be a mistake. Insurance companies often fight claims. Although the other driver might be responsible, they could still choose to deny your claim.

You deserve full compensation for your accident. When you work with us, we strive to get you everything you deserve. Our team can attempt to collect money for your injuries, loss of income, and other damages.

According to car accident law in Florida and Fort Lauderdale, you are entitled to help. By holding the speeding driver responsible, you can receive financial support for your accident.

Working with Our Team

Here at Friedland and Associates, we want to hold speeding drivers in Fort Lauderdale accountable for their actions. We want to represent you and get you a fair settlement or verdict. Contact us for more information on our services.

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