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Cosmetic Surgeon Ordered To Stop Practicing Medicine


Every day, many doctors make mistakes that arguably constitute medical malpractice. However, if and when a state Board of Medicine takes action, you know that a doctor’s mistake is a serious one.

This was the case with a recent obstetrician and gynecologist who was ordered to stop practicing medicine due to concerns about the safety of his cosmetic-surgery clinic. The Board found that his continued treatment of patients—including gross malpractice and gross, willful negligence—constituted an immediate danger to public health, safety, and welfare. While most medical boards will first hold a formal hearing before suspending a doctor’s medical license, in this case they made an exception, as Dr. Yates’ hearing isn’t until December 14th. Yates is the owner and president of Diamond Medical Spa & Vein, as well as CEO and president of Vascular Technologies.

Dangerous Treatments

Cosmetic surgery medical malpractice claims often involve not only botched surgery, but also issues with negligent administration of drugs, complications from anesthesia, and postoperative issues such as infections, as well as a lack of proper training or certification in cosmetic surgery, specifically.

The state Medical Board specifically found that the doctor (Leroy Yates) was performing cosmetic procedures without the proper training, as well as using intravenous anesthesia unsafely and sometimes delegating its administration to unqualified staff members. He also failed to provide appropriate cosmetic surgical care and properly diagnose and treat complications. As a result, patients suffered; some through infections, others having to undergo corrective surgeries; especially those he provided treatments to between 2013 and 2015.

Florida Issues

Unfortunately, Florida is no stranger to these types of doctors, especially when it comes to South Florida: Just last month (October), one South Florida plastic surgeon went back to prison, this time for botched procedure related to butt enhancements and penis enlargements.

Practicing medicine without a license was only one of the many issues at play with this individual (Mark Schreiber), who has had issues since 1998, when he was placed on probation for performing procedures that ended up killing his patient, and again four years later, when he killed another patient. He originally served time in prison after continuing to operate on patients even after losing his medical license.  In addition, after leaving one patient with ghastly scars, she successfully sued him for close to $8 million.  Yet, even after being released from prison, he continued to covertly practice medicine, and hundreds of women were injected with misbranded and illegal silicone.

Cosmetic Procedure Negligence Lawyers Serving Florida

When cosmetic procedures are not done correctly, they can lead to severe infections, the need for additional surgeries, permanent disfigurement, and sometimes even death. At Friedland & Associates, we have successfully litigated numerous claims due to unsafe cosmetic procedures. Contact us today to find out how we can help you.



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