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Florida Cosmetic Surgery Kills another Victim


Sadly, Florida was yet again home to another botched cosmetic procedure: On January 4th, the Miami-Dade medical examiner confirmed that another patient died from the same complication that arose for various others during the Brazilian butt lift surgery. According to the medical examiner’s initial report, the mother of two died after fat clogged the arteries of her heart and lungs after entering her body through a vein in her buttocks.

Dangers of Brazilian Butt Surgery

The Brazilian butt lift surgery involves surgeons using a cannula to suction fat via plunging the instrument in and out of the patient’s body. This fat is then grafted onto the buttocks.

Yet, according to experts, once you have an injury to the gluteal vein, and fat is injected in the vicinity, the fat goes into the vein, and the vein brings that fat back—along with the blood—to the heart and lungs. In this case, the report indicates that the patient’s heart and lungs had numerous fat clots distributed throughout her organs and hemorrhaging occurred around a blood vessel in her right buttock, near the sciatic nerve.

Why Is This Surgery Still Being Performed As Is?

The death toll associated with the Brazilian butt lift procedure thus far has raised alarm with numerous groups, including the American Society of Plastic Surgeons. Some have called for a reevaluation of surgical techniques and other measures to be taken in order to prevent placing more and more patients’ lives at risk. It is possible that some surgeons are grafting the fat too deeply into the buttocks, causing blood vessels and arteries to rupture and allowing fat clots to enter the bloodstream. However, it is reportedly too early to definitively say that this is the cause of the problem.

Mustn’t A Doctor Be Certified To Perform Cosmetic Surgery?

The doctor who performed the surgery in this case was not board certified in any particular specialty, such as cosmetic surgery. He also did not carry any medical malpractice insurance (even though, under Florida law, physicians are generally required to carry it; or otherwise demonstrate that they have the financial means to cover potential malpractice claims). Yet, there is no question that any doctor performing a surgery like this should be a board certified plastic surgeon.

Many physicians without training in plastic surgery specifically and without being certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery claim that they are “cosmetic” or “plastic” surgeons. A physician must train in plastic surgery specifically for five years in order to become eligible for certification by the American Board of Plastic Surgery, and many board-certified plastic surgeons also obtain additional years of training in plastic surgery in an effort to minimize the possibility of complications. Note that, in order for a physician to be a plastic surgeon, they must complete an approved residency training program in plastic surgery.

Cosmetic Procedure Negligence Lawyers Serving Fort Lauderdale & Surrounding Areas

The cosmetic injury lawyers at Friedland & Associates have extensive experience in handling claims against cosmetic surgeons and doctors who perform surgeries like these. We understand the devastation that negligence like this can inflict and we are committed to achieving justice for victims and their families. If you or a loved one has suffered due to cosmetic procedure negligence, contact us today to find out how we can help. We serve Fort Lauderdale and the surrounding areas.



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