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Fort Lauderdale Family and Divorce Lawyer

Our families are very important. They act as one of our primary sources of love and support. Our families are central to our happiness. When seeking a family law lawyer due to contemplating divorce and custody issues or any other family related litigation matters, the choices are often difficult and fraught with emotional pitfalls. At Friedland & Associates, our Fort Lauderdale family & divorce lawyers will help you through the financial and emotional difficulties associated with family law issues. Initially, we provide you with an economic analysis which enables you to make the difficult decisions necessary when deciding for you and your family’s future. Unfortunately, sometimes families fall under attack from infidelity, financial struggles, and other issues.

At Friedland & Associates, we strive to utilize the legal mechanisms available for you to protect your family with. This protection can take place in a number of forms: fighting for child support, air and equitable divorce, mediation, child visitation, and modifications of divorce decrees. At Friedland & Associates we do not encourage conflict, but if it occurs, we strive to help you survive its tumultuous waters as safely and as respectfully as possible. We understand that sometimes the quickest route to a satisfactory outcome serves your best interest. Divorce is a difficult time in your life, but the decisions you make during the process will affect you and your family for a lifetime. Make sure you contact one of our lawyers to review your rights and ensure the most positive outcome possible.

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Please research your firms credentials related to this area before retaining a lawyer. Ask the divorce lawyer how many of these cases they have handled and/or tried. You will find only a very small percentage of law firms specialize in this area. At Friedland & Associates your case will be handled by a specialist with years of experience in this area.

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