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Fort Lauderdale Birth Injury Lawyer

The birth of a child should always be marked with joy and celebration. A birth breathes new life and hope into the world in a way nothing else can. Tragically, this blissful moment is not the case for every parent. Some parents welcome their new baby to find he/she suffered an injury and/or defect due to the negligence of a doctor, hospital and/or nurse. Not only does their child suffer pain, life struggles and/or loss of enjoyment of life, but now their lives are suffocated by the financial burden and stress of obtaining the medical care and support for the disabled child. Contact our experienced Fort Lauderdale birth injury lawyers for more information or assistance.

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At Friedland & Associates, our Birth Injury Lawyers maintain years of experience at litigating these cases. They work with countless specialists who can care for every possible injury or damage suffered by the child and his/her emotionally distressed parents. Not only can the lawyers at our firm help you obtain the compensation necessary to care for your child, but we also work with institutions who structure this money to last comfortably throughout the child’s lifetime. No matter what injury and/or disability inflict a child, that child will always be a blessing and a gift that should be cherished. Allow our firm to fight for you and your child while you focus on treasuring this gift and nurturing him/her every day of your lives.

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