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Cosmetic Procedure Lawyer in Fort Lauderdale

In the United States, any cosmetic product that is available to the public must be made with safe ingredients that have been fully tested. Products should also have a label containing all of the ingredients of the product, along with warnings regarding it’s use. Contact our cosmetic surgery lawyers today.

Examples of these kinds of products include:

  • hair gels
  • shampoos
  • moisturizers
  • facial peels
  • sun tan lotions
  • deodorants
  • perfumes
  • hair dyes
  • make-up

Products that have not been properly tested can cause severe personal injuries. In addition, products must have a list of all ingredients on the label, so consumers can be aware of what they are using. If a product does not contain and thorough list of ingredients, it could expose someone with allergies to a severe allergic reaction, which could be fatal. Likewise, severe injuries can occur when a product has been contaminated at some point during the manufacturing or distribution process. Consumers may never know that a product has been contaminated until it is too late.

Friedland & Associates has experience handling these kinds of claims. A recent case involved a woman who used hair gel, which later melted in the sun and dripped into her eyes. There were no warnings on the hair gel and the woman was left with chemical burns to the cornea of her eyes. Friedland & Associates was able to effectuate a settlement for the woman to help compensate her for her injuries.
Fort Lauderdale Cosmetic Procedure Lawyer

Unsafe Cosmetic Procedures

Similarly, there are many cosmetic procedures that are available to the public. These include ear peircings, lasers, waxing, eye lash extensions, facial peels and injectables, such as botox and fillers. These procedures are generally safe when done by a skilled technician using the appropriate safety precautions. However, when these procedures are not done correctly, the affects can be drastic and even permanent

Friedland & Associates has successfully litigated numerous claims due to unsafe cosmetic procedures. One more noteable case involved an ear piercing to the cartilage of a minor girl. The procedure was not done in a sanitary environment and as a result she developed a severe infection. She was hospitalized her for 10 days, underwent numerous surgical procedures, and was left with a permanent disfigurement to her ear.

Another case involved an eyelash extension procedure where the technician failed to properly tape down the customers bottom eye lashes. As a result, glue got into the customers eye. The technician failed to follow manufacturers warnings and instead of using saline solution to rinse out the eye, she instead held the customers eye open and held a fan to it. The customer was left with severe burns to her eye.

If you or a loved one has suffered an injury from a product or an unsafe procedure, Friedland & Associates may be able to help. Please call us for a free consultation at (800) 95-INJURED. For personal injury matters, you do not pay any money up front. Our fees are based on a contingency fee, which means we are only paid if and when you recover money. There is no obligation.

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