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Fort Lauderdale Medical Malpractice Lawyer

It is typical for law firms to advertise their specialty in the area of medical malpractice while never actually litigating these cases. These firms will refer you to others who specialize in this area or attempt to prosecute a case without adequate funding or ability. It takes a specially trained lawyer to handle this complex and costly litigation competently.

At Friedland & Associates our Fort Lauderdale medical malpractice lawyers are trained in medical malpractice litigation and have literally tried these matters throughout the county. Medical malpractice matters are the focus of legislative scrutiny, these claims are some of the most procedurally difficult to litigate. Few firms have the experience necessary to successfully represent clients who have fallen victim to the negligence of a physician.

These cases require immediate evaluation by trained lawyers using the very best medical experts throughout the country. It is imperative to contact and retain a lawyer immediately when you suspect a medical error caused you or a loved one damage.

Typically, clients assume the signing of a consent form allows a physician to damage a patient in anyway. In many circumstances, acts of medical negligence go unnoticed because the average person fails to recognize negligence from a circumstance in which an injury is a known risk of the medical procedure. Because of the potentially grievous effects of medical negligence it is imperative to assure quick and effective representation if you believe an act of medical negligence resulted in injury or death.

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Please research your firms credentials related to this area before retaining a lawyer. Ask the lawyer how many of these cases they have handled and/or tried. You will only find a very small percentage of law firms specialize in this area. At Friedland & Associates your case will be handled by a specialist with years of experience in medical malpractice.

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