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Fort Lauderdale Wrongful Death Attorney

There are few things in life as painful as the loss of a loved family member. When the death is caused by another individual’s actions, the pain can be even greater. If you’ve lost a loved one in a preventable accident, you may be able to seek compensation through a lawsuit. A Fort Lauderdale wrongful death attorney can explain more about your rights.

Friedland & Associates has experience handling wrongful death cases of varying levels of complexity. They will take you through the process and guide you to justice.

Wrongful Death FAQ

Wrongful Death Attorney Fort Lauderdale

The following FAQ can help you understand the basics of wrongful death law:

What is Wrongful Death?

A wrongful death is defined as a death caused by someone’s negligence. The negligent party must have acted differently than a reasonably careful individual would have acted in the same situation. 

The incident could result in a wrongful death lawsuit. This is a type of civil suit that holds the other party financially responsible for the incident. A wrongful death attorney in Broward can file your claim.

Who Can File a Wrongful Death Lawsuit?

Only certain relatives of the deceased are allowed to file a wrongful death claim. Additionally, there is a hierarchy of people who can file. This includes the spouse, child, parent, blood relatives, and children born out of wedlock. 

What are Some Causes of Wrongful Death?

There are many ways in which wrongful death can occur. One of the most common examples is a car accident. In 2017, there were 225 car accident fatalities in Broward County. A high percentage of those accidents involved negligence. The victims’ families could seek compensation through a civil lawsuit.

Another common cause of wrongful death is a workplace accident. A slip and fall accident could easily result in a fatality. Once again, negligence is likely to be the cause. If an employer fails to maintain safety standards or doesn’t provide an employee with enough training, they are liable for the accident.

Even your doctor could cause a wrongful death. Although medical professionals are sworn to maintain a standard of care, some doctors fall short. A misdiagnosis or botched surgery could result in a patient’s death. Someone with knowledge of wrongful death law in Fort Lauderdale can tell you if your loss was a wrongful death.

What Damages Could the Plaintiff Receive?

If you’re filing a wrongful death claim, your case could result in compensation. According to Florida laws, you can be awarded money for your burial and funeral expenses. You may also be compensated for the loss of financial support. For instance, you could receive the sum of future missed paychecks from your spouse.

Some claims result in the payment of noneconomic damages. The court assigns a value to the loss of companionship and other examples of pain and suffering. 

Why Should You Choose Friedland & Associates?

At times, proving wrongful death can be challenging. It takes an experienced eye to build a strong case. When looking for Fort Lauderdale wrongful death attorneys, you should look for firms who have specific experience with wrongful death. 

Friedland & Associates has the resources, knowledge, and skill necessary to get you results. Our firm understands the profound grief that comes with your loss and we’ll dedicate ourselves to getting justice.

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