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Motorcycle Accident Insurance Claims

After a motorcycle accident, one of the logical next steps is to file an insurance claim. This claim could be only in regards to damage to your personal property, and it may also include personal injury claims. In either case, you will quickly find that dealing with an insurance company can be frustrating and complicated.

There are a few things that you should understand about the insurance claims process, especially if you choose to handle it without the help of a personal injury or motorcycle accident attorney. Fort Lauderdale is a very common area for motorcycle accidents, meaning that our experience in the matter will be an enormous asset to you.

Contact us today to discuss how we can help you through this claims process, and read more below about some general tips and pointers on dealing with insurance claims after a motorcycle accident.

What To Do For a Motorcycle Accident Claims Process

Contact the Police

It is important that the authorities are notified of your accident, no matter how small. This will establish paperwork for the incident, which will be very helpful as you move through the claims process.

File an Accident Report

In addition to simply contacting the police, you will want to file an accident report to further add to the information available about the incident, which will provide the insurance company a bigger picture of what happened.

Contact Your Insurance Company

It is very important that you contact your insurance company as soon as possible to let them know about the situation. They will explain their claims process to you, and give you an idea of the next steps to follow with them.

Provide Your Claims Adjuster With All Relevant Documentation

You will be assigned a claims adjuster who will research the accident and determine an amount that the insurance company will pay you. Be sure to provide them with everything relevant, from medical bills to repair quotes, and anything else related to your accident.

Negotiate Your Settlement Offer

Insurance companies are not in the business of making comprehensive payments out to victims; instead, they work to protect their bottom line by making “good enough” payments and reducing or eliminating any threat of future litigation. Do not sign any paperwork or accept any offer until you have worked with an attorney to determine if it is a fair offer.

What Not To Do During an Insurance Claims Process

Do Not Accept The First Offer

Your first offer from the insurance company will be a low offer that will not cover all of the damages you are entitled to. Do not accept it! This first offer is simply a place to start your negotiations from.

Do Not Negotiate Alone

When you are negotiating with an insurance company, you are dealing with a team of dedicated attorneys who are hired to protect the insurance company from overpayment. Hiring a motorcycle accident attorney is an important step in ensuring your negotiations go well.

Do Not Omit Relevant Information

Be sure to include every financial aspect of your accident, not just your repair or replacement expenses of your motorcycle. You are entitled to medical bills, recovery costs, lost wages, and a variety of other damages that the insurance company will not simply offer compensation for.

Contact Friedland & Associates Immediately

Before you begin dealing with an insurance company about collecting damages following a motorcycle accident, schedule an initial consultation with us today. We will use this time to discuss your accident, understand your situation, and ultimately determine how we can help you recover the money you deserve.

Working with a motorcycle accident attorney through an insurance claims process can be one of the best decisions you make in regards to getting the compensation you are entitled to.

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