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Playground Accidents Attorney Fort Lauderdale 

Fort Lauderdale is full of families. In fact, more than 17% of residents are under the age of 18. Because there are so many children in the city, there are many playgrounds and parks. However, the park can be a dangerous place. 

Visiting the park should be fun and entertaining. But this isn’t always the case. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, about 200,000 children under the age of 15 visit the emergency room for playground injuries every year. Kids are more likely to suffer from a serious injury at the playground than they are on a bike.

If your child is a victim of a playground injury, you could be in for a long and expensive road to recovery. A playground accident attorney in Fort Lauderdale could help you get compensation for the accident. Let Friedland & Associates take on your case.

What are the Types of Playground Accidents?

There are many ways in which a playground injury can happen. Every park is different and has its own forms of playground equipment. But each type of equipment has its own dangers. Jumping, swinging, bouncing, and climbing can all result in an injury.

Accidents do happen. Sometimes, there is no one to blame for the accident. But usually, the blame does fall on another party’s shoulders. When it comes to playground accidents, there’s a chance that one entity is responsible for the accident. Someone’s negligent actions could be the reason for your child’s accident.

Defective Equipment

One common cause of playground injuries is defective equipment. At playgrounds on daycares, schools, and parks, the equipment tends to be old. But the elements can slowly eat away at the equipment. This is especially true in the humid and harsh climate of Fort Lauderdale. 

As time passes, the equipment starts to break down. Someone can become injured on it. However, such an injury could be avoided with regular inspections or maintenance.

Design Issues

Another problem could be with the design of the playground. For example, a playground with a concrete floor could contribute to a child’s head injury. Had the floor been softer, the child may have escaped with minimal injury. 

In the case of design flaws, the manufacturer or builder of the playground could be to blame. They should put safety first and ensure that their design gives children a safe play experience. If their design doesn’t meet safety standards or is otherwise faulty, they could be liable for your child’s injuries.

Negligent Supervision

When your child is at school or daycare, someone else is responsible for them. Young children are not mature enough to stay safe on a playground. So, it’s a teacher’s job to supervise them and prevent injuries.

At times, the teacher is too distracted to keep a child safe. But sometimes, the school or facility does not have the required student-to-teacher ratio. This could make the facility accountable for the incident. 

Who is Liable for Your Playground Accident?

Once you’ve treated your child’s injuries, it’s important to figure out who is liable for the accident. In rare cases, the child is the only one responsible. Their inattention or clumsiness could have been unavoidable.

More often than not, you can blame someone else on the incident. It’s important to determine liability before deciding to file a personal injury lawsuit.

Your claim could be against a city, homeowner, or daycare facility. It all depends on the circumstances of your accident. If you are unsure of liability, you should speak with someone who has experience with playground accidents in Fort Lauderdale.

Typically, determining liability involves an investigation. Your attorney can do independent research and collect evidence. Then, they may be able to determine who is to blame for your child’s injuries. 

Why Do You Need a Playground Accidents Attorney in Fort Lauderdale?

The playground accident statistics are shocking. Young children find themselves with bruising, broken bones, and head injuries all due to playground negligence. Often, the parents of the children are left to deal with the cost of medical bills and more. They’re also left feeling helpless, unable to attain justice for their loved one.

Fortunately, you can seek justice. A personal injury attorney can represent you in your fight for compensation. To learn more about your options, contact us at Friedland & Associates.

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