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Southwest Flight Engine Failure Leaves One Passenger Dead and Others Injured


On April 17th, a passenger—a mother—aboard Southwest Airlines Flight 1380 from New York to Dallas was killed after the plane’s engine failed. Other passengers were injured, as a piece of the engine reportedly flew into a window mid-flight, depressurizing the plane, and causing one woman to be partially sucked out of the window. One individual was rushed to the hospital in critical condition, while seven others were treated by paramedics.

As of now, the National Transportation Safety Board has confirmed the death, but has otherwise provided very few details to the public. The agency is expected to lead the investigation.

What Happened?

Some aviation specialists have speculated that what happened is what officials would call “uncontained engine failure.” Passengers described what sounded like an explosion, where a shard hit the window, the plane and oxygen masks immediately dropped, and the flight crew prepared for an emergency landing.

Airline Response

The company has maintained that the plane was properly serviced and inspected before it took off, and the engine was reliable as well. Still, Southwest’s chief executive stated that the airline would do whatever was necessary to support the loved ones of the passenger who died and the survivors.

History of Problems?

In August 2016, a similar incident happened on another Southwest Flight, which ended in a similar emergency landing in Florida. The make of the aircraft and CFM56-7 engine were reportedly the same as the ones involved in the current incident, where the engine ultimately failed.

Litigation against Airlines for Engine Failure

Lawsuits have been filed against airlines for less dangerous incidents: Last year, a South Florida man sued American Airlines for physical and psychological injuries he suffered during an emergency evacuation of a jetliner that caught fire even before taking off for Miami. The lawsuit alleged that the airline failed to ensure that the aircraft was properly maintained, provide a safe flight, and provide proper assistance, supervision, and instruction in the evacuation, including ensuring that passengers were instructed and advised as to the proper and safe evacuation procedure. The plaintiff in that case was allegedly blown back and knocked down by the engine exhaust after evacuating the plane, and sought $75,000 in damages and attorneys fees for personal, psychological, and physical injuries, as well as disability, lost earnings, medical bills, pain and suffering, and future emotional distress. 

Florida Accident, Personal Injury, & Wrongful Death Attorneys

If you have lost a loved one due to an incident like this, or were injured or suffered from emotional distress due to an incident like this, contact our Fort Lauderdale, Florida injury and wrongful death lawyers at Friedland & Associates today. We can assist you throughout each step of your case.



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